Pulveriser Plant

Storage Tank
Bag Filter
Feeding Warm

In this device coal is crushed by a pulveriser to 200 mesh and transmitted to the storage tank through cyclone pneumatically. The storage tank is equiped with bag filters to remove excess air. The feeding is done by worm gear having finger system, so that there is no sticking in the coal powder. The powder is fed into the specially designed burner with provision of secondary air.

By Fuel Saving Device, we can easily take production up to 40TPH using plates, ingots and billets as raw materials . But it's depend on the size of the furnace.

Salient Features :

  • Best performance with 6500 - 7500 Kcal CV Coal with low ash & low sulphur..
  • No loss in feeding.
  • Burning losses less than oil fired heating system.
  • Secondary air up to 400˚ C.
  • Average consumption 50 - 60kg per ton of production.
  • 20% increase in production guaranteed.
  • Production capacity 1 - 40 ton per hour.


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